Rural Farms Benefiting From Insta-Farming

Tourism is the bread and butter of many local businesses including family dining in Helensburgh but another business which is booming due to social media presence is a farm located in New South Wales. The farm is known for its beautiful sunflowers and since it was posted online, the place has been getting a lot of attention especially from tourists coming from different parts of the world.

The farm produces organic vegetables and is located in Cudgen. The owner, Michele Stephens, talked with the supplier of seedlings in her farm and decided to add a field full of sunflowers. She saw her supplier had a field of sunflowers and therefore she aimed to have her own to accomplish the same goal – to make people happy.

Before the sunflowers, a lot of people are already visiting their farm just to look around and enjoy nature. After Ms. Stephens son decided to take a photo and uploaded it on Instagram, their farm immediately became popular on the social media platform.

Since the posting of the photo, tourists from all over the world have come to visit their farm. There are visitors from Brazil, Japan and China. Their most enthusiastic visitors came from Singapore as they don’t simply walk in but they make sure to call before their date of visit.

She revealed that majority of them arrive on the Gold Coast and are asking for directions on how to get to the farm. The same cannot be said for other sunflower farms in Queensland wherein visitors left litters and caused harm to the plants. Ms. Stephen said that she never had the same problem in herCudgen farm but instead the tourists are helping her business flourish.

The number of tourists visiting benefited the café she recently opened within the farm. They also cater to couples who wanted to have their wedding photographs in the field of sunflowers. She gives visitors permission to pluck a sunflower which they can bring home. She also uses the flowers to make the soil richer by adding it as a cover crop.

She said that tourism helped local business owners like her and a family dining in Helensburgh as the steady flow of people brings in revenue. Her future plan now is to add more and more sunflowers to make people happy.