Sailfuture Program to Sail Across Atlantic with 5 Juvenile Offenders

History has proven the importance of the youth for society. They have played a great role in the shaping of cultural, political and even technological advancements. The youth are important because they are the future of humanity. What one generation can’t accomplish today, the next generation can. The youth can be described as an important pool of limitless potential, talent, ideas and energy. In both the present and in the future, they had and will continue to play an important role in society. That is why parents must at all costs strive to bring up their children the best they can. Teach them everything that is good and help them stay away from what isn’t.

But what about the ones who have gone astray? What can be done to help them get back on their feet?

Just recently, five juvenile offenders had been selected by the organization, SailFuture, to take part in its Sail for Justice Program. The program will be competing at the 2015 Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) that will begin on Nov. 22 and will span about 2,700 nautical miles starting from the Canary Islands to St. Lucia.

The Sail for Justice Program was established by SailFuture and its founder, Michael Long, as an alternative solution to the juvenile incarceration of today for the youth of various areas like LA and Tampa who are at risk.

The goal of this program, according to Long, is to use the sport of sailing as a means to prove that there are better ways for youth rehabilitation other than sending them to a juvenile system that has proven to fail more kids rather than saving them.

Long said that through sailing, they will teach at-risk youth responsibility, confidence and will also help them build the foundation of lifelong friendships.

The five juvenile offenders who will participate in the program have criminal charges ranging from murder to theft. This will be the first time they will set foot on a sailboat. They will be serving all the roles required in sailing.

Sailing has always been a helpful activity. It helps the youth and the elderly at the same time. So if you are ever interested in sailing, make sure to take RYA Sailing Courses first.