Science Says Latina Tend To Age Slower

You may have heard the saying that life is not fair. Well, it really is not. Let us look at the rate of ageing which is different from person to person. There are many Hollywood celebrities that proved this point such as Madonna, Demi Moore, Jennifer Lopez and Robin Wright. According to a new study, ethnicity is one of the factors that affect a person’s rate of ageing. We used to think that we only have to wear as much sunscreen as possible or make sure we don’t smoke cigarettes while we are in our 20s. Based on the study headed by a team of researchers from UCLA, Latinos rate of ageing is slower compared to other ethnicities. This is why when you look at the women at, you see how they all look very young.

The same study was published at the Genome Biology. Researchers studied 6,000 DNA samples coming from both genders and these came from individuals who are 30 to 90 years old. The DNA came from seven various kinds of ethnicities such as Latinos, East Asians, two groups came from central Africa, African-Americans, Tsimane and Caucasians.

The samples came from saliva, blood or brain and these are all studied which revealed that women are most likely to live longer regardless of the ethnicity. Another surprising revelation is that the blood samples of Latina women who are beyond their menopause are younger by 2.4 years compared to other ethnicities.

According to UCLA’s professor in human genetics and biostatistics, Steve Horvath who is also the lead researcher, more studies are required in order to completely identify the age difference. He believed that external factors did not affect the results.

Horvath added that it is definitely not because of obesity or smoking because these are already taken into consideration. The education and income level of the individuals are also not determining factors as they have taken into account these things. He thinks that the genetic heritage of the Latinos is at play here. Just based on the women found at, one can determine that they definitely age slower compared to people of the same age but different ethnicities.