Shaming Group On Social Media Criticizes Wedding Catering

When planning a wedding, there are lots of things that must be taken into account from wedding catering in Sydney to wedding photographers, venue, music, etc. The bride and groom must always discuss the amount of budget that has been set aside for the wedding and decide which among the components is most important to them. Costs are always associated with the decision particularly when the guest list is quite long.

Do you know that wedding guests can be ungrateful? A guest at a recent wedding surreptitiously took photographs of the catering spread and shared it with a shaming group on Facebook. These groups pull no punches when it comes to criticizing weddings from the wedding dress to the food served during reception.

Based on the photographs that has been obtained by Daily Mail, the menu for the wedding reception consisted of slices of “plastic cheese” as referred to in the poster. There was a vegetable tray, cubes of melon and orange slices that still had the grocery store stickers. Brownies were served for dessert. The shaming group took issue on almost everything.

According to an anonymous commenter, the wedding feast is similar to what they serve for the birthday party of a 3-year old except that they have quiche and strawberries. Another confused person commented that the catering team was able to unwrap hundreds of fake cheese slices but they did not bother to remove the grocery store stickers on the fruits.

Most guests who are attending a wedding do not expect this type of spread but since weddings are very expensive, it is very likely that the menu was what the wedding couple can afford. It is also possible that there was a snafu with the catering service. According to Wedding Wire, average cost of weddings in the US is $44,000 with $4,000 going to catering.

Organizing a catering can be confusing but wedding catering in Sydney will make sure that the process is straightforward and stress-free. The food served is guaranteed delicious and will exceed the expectations of guests. Service is impeccable and well handled. Dietary requirements among guests are handled responsibly and safely.