Should Job Seekers Be Concerned About Negative Reviews?

It has become quite common for job seekers to search for King Kong agency reviews to learn more about salaries, perks like holiday leaves and work environment. Whatever they find out from the reviews will influence their decision to apply for a position. Employee’s reviews and ratings also affect the company ranking in the best companies to work for.  

If you make the effort to look at the reviews posted in Glassdoor, you will notice that even the companies that are listed as the best companies to work for receive their share of negative comments. While job seekers may be concerned about the negative reviews that a company is receiving, they must remember that there are also happy employees at the badly reviewed company.

According to Lisa Rangel, founder and managing director of Chameleon Resumes, always look for the tone and topic when reading reviews. Sometimes, there are complaints that are within the employee’s control and yet the employer is being blamed. If the comment about a particular issue comes from one person, he may have an axe to grind against the employer.

A bunch of negative reviews may likely come from disgruntled employees which is suspicious if the company does not undertake any steps to negate the review with a positive response. The job seekers must consider whether the issues are relevant to the job before making a decision.

Rangel further said that negative comments from employees could actually be positive for the employer if the right response is made. A common employee complaint is the organization it too political. Promotions and raises are only given to employees they like. It is very likely that the employee who left the negative review is not good at playing politics or navigating relationships. There are job seekers who will enjoy this kind of work environment.

When you want to evaluate a possible employer, check out the King Kong agency reviews on Glassdoor. Since negative employees tend to talk more, take their reviews with a grain salt. Be diligent in researching the company because there are reviews that are unreliable. Remember that there are companies that pay higher salary for a more difficult work.