Some Design Tips For Printed Glass Splashbacks

When there is high heat or severe impact, it can naturally break the glass into unsafe, jagged pieces; but with printed glass splashbacks, they are made from toughened glass. It’s actually safer and five times stronger than untreated glass. Even if it reaches a point to where it breaks, it shatters into tiny, harmless pieces. To ensure safety within the kitchen, builders and designers install them long before they get toughened. Here are some tips to ensure that what you order meets your kitchen requirements and your budget as well.

  • Choose the Right Splashback for your Kitchen

Consider the overall style of your home when you decide for the best splashback of your kitchen. Modern-style to contemporary homes choose glass splashbacks as they reflect a brighter and airy space; they are seamless and clean; and they make a small space look and feel bigger. They are versatile and can add style to a traditional-style home or a country house. They also provide low maintenance, making an eye-catching design feature for your kitchen.

  • Finalize the Kitchen Plan

The glass splashbacks must be fabricated and measured properly for the whole kitchen plan. You may want to add, if your kitchen is new, or replace, if you are out on a renovation, the following elements: oven hob, vent hood, cabinetry, above counter sockets, above counter switches, and LED and other backlighting. These elements have to be finalized as you can never alter the glass once it’s ordered.

  • Consider the Printed Glass Splashbacks Texture and Finish

You need to determine what looks best on your kitchen: a matted/frosted glass, with its extremely low reflective quality; gloss, with its extremely high reflective quality; or textured, which blurs images while transmitting light. You definitely need a design choice which has been closely analyzed before placing an order. Furthermore, various textures may be considered such as brick, liquid or pearled.

Ordering Your Kitchen’s Glass Splashbacks

It may involve many decisions before you start ordering the glass splashbacks for your kitchen. There are many providers who are willing to help you in every step of the way. They do not only use highly specialized measuring equipment to ensure appropriate fit. They can also ensure the printed glass splashbacks are properly cut to the exact size, and delivered on time. Build rapport with these professionals so you get the best bid.