South Africa And India As Global Outsourcing Arenas

According to the 2018-2019 Global HRO and Employee Experience Market Intelligence Survey, South Africa is in 5th place as top global offshore location for payroll outsourcing service including recruitment and learning services outsourcing. More than 200 large and medium-sized enterprises from Australia, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States have participated in the survey.

The dramatic rise of South Africa in the global outsourcing arena is due in part to the high-end and recognized human capital skills in important areas that include banking and finance, legal processes, procurement, multi-channel customer experience and information technology outsourcing (ITO). The country has evolved from a next generation talent to a provider of customer analytics that is augmented by the ability to employ cutting edge human resource outsourcing operations that utilize robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI).

The decision for offshore outsourcing of HR functions is usually based on the client’s specific requirements, geographical location and the internal environment of human resources. Adoption of cloud-based solutions has increased making cloud-enabled HRO operations to be location agnostic.  Playing ground in terms of location has levelled because of increased automation and acceleration of AI-enabled systems.

Another top destination for offshore HRO services is India that has a well-established and mature outsourcing market. India has an English-proficient workforce, advanced technological capabilities and expertise and multi-process solutions. On the other hand, South Africa offers a broader range of HRO services that include transactional and specialized functions. As an offshore location, South Africa is widely known for their delivery of excellent experiences for project-based, multi-process recruitment and payroll outsourcing.

However, the survey also noted that the core focus area of most enterprises is employee experience. Organizations all over the world are creating interesting work environments that acknowledge and reward excellence and to ensure that employees enjoy work fulfilment.

Instead of manual calculations, a better option is payroll outsourcing service that can efficiently manage the entire process in one system. Employee information is captured and managed swiftly, salaries are calculated accurately and documents are organized in an orderly manner including the generation of necessary reports for submission to the authorities.