Study Shows The Increased Pressure For Digital Services In A COVID-19 World

COVID-19 hit the global economy hard, with many companies having to make some serious adjustments in order to stay afloat in spite of the pandemic. Digital industries, with its IT, video streaming, king kong agency reviews, and the like, has been hit a bit easier than most, but there’s a catch.

With people staying indoors and relying on digital services more,  organizations across the world has felt increased pressure to ensure that their own digital services perform, according to a new study published by computer software and operations management company PagerDuty.

The study by the firm noted that 80% of organizations across the world felt the squeeze, alongside an increase in daily incidents. 47% of the organizations polled reported this increase in incidents, which, in turn, explains the increase in IT professionals’ time at work, with 62% of them reporting an average increase of 10 hours of work weekly.

For Aussie organizations, 79% reported on the increased pressure for their digital services to remain functional, with a 44% increase in daily incidents. The pressure of keeping things like king kong agency reviews up and running resulted in 71% of Aussie IT professionals spending more time at work, which is a higher percentage than the global average.

The study surveyed more than 700 IT professionals across the world, covering the Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

PagerDuty Manager of Solutions Consulting says that the COVID-19 pandemic has irreversibly changed how people communicate, learn, shop, work, and, most importantly, live. The world is now defaulting to digital, and that means that the pressure is on to ensure that digital services perform reliably, as downtime can mean millions in lost revenue.

The flipside is that companies have to deal with the challenge of having to speed up their digital transformation, a complicated process in and of itself without such pressure, in order to make sure they keep up with customer needs.

This, in turn, results in IT professionals being put through the wringer, with 55% of the survey’s respondents saying that they’ve been asked to deal with incidents during their off hours at least 5 times a week, while 39% say that they’ve been ‘firefighting’; dealing with unplanned work, all the time. The added strain, Pendya says, can lead to a lot of fatigue and burnout.