Summer Motivation For Communications Team

Out of all the seasons, summer could be the most distracting because of the sunny weather and the warm days. Employees are more likely to not focus because they are thinking about things that are perfect to be doing on such a beautiful weather. For the manager, it can be a daunting task to get them to focus but according to a communications council, there are ways to keep a team motivated during the summer months from team building activities to unplugging.

Summer is the best time to plan ahead for the company’s campaigns to come especially for the autumn and winter seasons, according to Cedexis’ Anshu Agarwal. If the summer months are slower compared to other seasons, it is only logical to prepare contents ahead for the upcoming seasons. You can ensure that the team is motivated by giving out random rewards such as restaurant vouchers, concert tickets and game tickets.

According to Smith, Gambrell & Russell’s Levitica Watts, she takes out the entire team for a summer retreat. Make sure to plan fun activities to do together along with personal assessments. This could be done during lunch timeso the team could talk about the everyday details they encounter at work and to get in touch with the company’s vision especially the department which they are assigned to.

Joyride’s Kat Krieger, recommends that team members should be empowered in order to be able to do their work with passion. Managers could provide side projects that are not critical but instead can be used to improve how the business is run. This makes sure that the workers are engaged regardless of the season.

Technology is everywhere and this is something that Ahmad Daher of has noticed with his workers. Therefore he organizes activities that will ensure that they can take a break from using anything related to technology. This boosts the team’s creativity and everyone can learn more about one another.

Asmus Farm Supply’s Billie Kay Asmus said that team building activities are a must for them every summer. He organizes two events during the summer season where the team can play yard games while having a cookout.