Target And Disney Teaming Up For Holiday Offers

Halloween isn’t even over yet, but Target and Disney are making Christmas Pajamas and other Christmas merchandise available now, with the two companies unveiling their plans for the holidays late October, which include things like free shipping to Disney shops inside its branches.

Starting Nov 1, going all the way to Dec. 21, Target customers can now get thousands upon thousands of items on the retailer’s catalogue shipped for free, no minimum purchase requirements for the offer. On top of that, there are also 1,500 curated gifts available on the store, most of which are priced at less than $15.

Notably, Target isn’t even the only retail store that’s unveiling plans for Christmas before Halloween, as Walmart, Best Buy, and others have made similar announcements, offering special delivery rates, exclusive toys, as well as other nifty goodies  that they’ve cooked up to entice shoppers for the holidays.

The holiday season for 2019 is noted by some for its brevity, as there are six less days separating Thanksgiving, which happens on November’s last week, and Christmas.

Target CEO Brian Cornell says that, since 2019 takes a full weekend away from the holidays, every single day matters, from Black Friday, all the way to Christmas Eve. He states that Target needs to be ready to act and make the most of this time.

Target has been working to be more of a dominant force in the toys market, particularly following Toys R Us closing down all of its branches in the summer of 2019 following an attempt to restructure the company while covered by bankruptcy protection.

For 2019’s holiday season, Target will be offering 10,000 new or exclusive toys, games, and gadgets, including some special Christmas Pajamas, and other stuff. As part of their partnership with Disney, Target opened Disney shops in 25 branches, with plans to have 40 more by October 2020.

The retailer also recently launched Target Circle, its free customer loyalty program, which offer special perks in the holidays for its members, among these are daily deals for kids from the 1st of November, to the end of the month, as well as granting Target Circle members first access to sale items.