Tasmania Launching New Rating Program For Motorcycle Protective Gear

Tasmania has recently launched a new rating program, which will allow its motorcyclists to compare motorbike protective clothing based on how much protection it actually provides them while riding on two wheels on the road across the AU.

According to Road Safety Advisory Council Chair Garry Bailey stated that Tasmania’s Motorcycle Clothing Assessment Program, shortened to MotoCAP, rating system was the first system of its kind anywhere in the world. He says that MotoCAP gives the motorcycle community, not just in Tasmania, but across the country and in New Zealand, better information on choosing whatever motorbike protective clothing they’ll use while out on the road.

He describes the system that it’ll give motorbike protective clothing available on the market two separate star ratings; one for its ability to offer protection to riders, another for how comfortable it is for the riders to wear.

Mr. Bailey described the development process, saying that stakeholders from all the Aussie states, as well as New Zealand, cooperated in order to develop the MotoCAP program. The clothing is tested at Deakin University for, among other things, abrasion, seam strength, impact protection, as well as heat.

The number of stars assigned to gear relates to how good they handle a crash’s damaging product. Mr. Bailey says that theMotoCAP system was similar in structure to the Child Restraint Evaluation Program, which provided separate star ratings; one for protection and one for the ease-of-use of child car seats.

Mr. Bailey says that motorcycle and scooter riders on the road have little in the way of protection while riding out on the road, save for their helmets and their clothing. On top of that, he reports that more than 400 motorcyclists in Tasmania were involved in a road incident, which is why he believed that it was imperative that the MotoCAP system was implemented.

The new system would mean that motorcyclists will have more information on the protective gear available to them, which he says will help in protecting them while riding on the road, or, should worst come to pass, a crash.

The system already has its own website, where more information on the matter was available for those interested.