Tendr Releases Wedding Gift Data For Every State In The US

The act of gift giving is not as simple as many would like to believe. From custom posters to gift certificates, wedding gift ideas are becoming more and more varied and notable. ‘It’s the thought that counts’ has lost a bit of its impact when it comes to handling gifts, especially when cash is involved. People are looking at how they give gifts, and wondering if it’s enough. Cash gifts, however remain a common choice by gift givers in betrothals, so much so that personalized cash gifting has become a thing.

One site handling such affairs, Tendr, recently released its app data detailing cash gifts made through them last year via a study. This study analyzed 10,000 cash wedding gifts that went through Tendr, though the study is far from scientific, lacking a point of reference with traditional, tried and tested method of gifting cash via an envelope. Additionally, not all weddings follow similar trends, as sometimes the weddings ask guests to give less money, donate to charity, or refrain from giving money at all.

That being said, the study does give some insight into how wedding gift ideas flow, and how much money goes through a convenience app like Tendr. If nothing else, data is data.

The study shows how much money people are gifting via Tendr, and organized the data based on state, month and season. According to Tendr’s data, Arkansas holds the lowest average of cash gifted, clocking in at $73, which is a very sharp contrast with Vermont, which sits at the top of the list at a whopping $245 in average cash gifts.

In terms of seasons, winter is the cheapest, with average cash gifts in winter clocking in at $147. Still, it’s not as big of a difference as the state numbers, seeing as the season with the highest cash gift averages, summer, clocks in at $174.

For months, the New Year shows it’s not the best time to hope for lavish gifting, with cash gifts around January being the lowest, at $121. August, however, enjoys the highest averages, at $183.

The averages in cash gifting through Tendr are as follows:

  • Lowest State Average: Arkansas ($73)
  • Highest State Average: Vernon ($245)
  • National Average: $160
  • Winter National Average: $147
  • Spring National Average: $157
  • Summer National Average: $174
  • Fall National Average: $155