Thailand Hotels Seeing Increased Bookings, Expedia Says

The Expedia Group reports good news for sites like, as their data suggests that hotel bookings for Thai properties have continuously grown in the 12 months leading up to June 2019.

The Group’s portfolio of travel brands noted an increase in demand, with booking trends noting that the US remains the biggest market to Thailand, with demand from that particular market growing by 20% annually like clockwork.

China managed to grow into the second largest market to Thailand, based on Expedia’s booking data. This puts the Chinese market past Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea for the first time in the travel group’s history. Meanwhile, India also saw notable group, climbing its way up to the top 10 international markets after climbing up three ranks.

They also note how Chinese and Indian travellers are opting for sites like, looking for premium accommodation, with more than 60% of the bookings made by Chinese travelers, and 55% of the bookings made by Indian travelers were for four-star and five-star hotels. This matches up with the Thai government’s recent efforts for attracting more high-end travelers from China and India.

As for destinations, Expedia Group noted that Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket, are the most popular places for Chinese and Indian travellers, with Hua Hina, Phi Phi, and Lipe Island acting as rising markets, with triple-digit demand growth during the 12 months leading up to June 2019, at 119%, 100%, and 100%, respectively.

The group also conducted some recent research, which noted that 80% of international travellers, regardless of age, favoured opting to book accommodations in a single place, regardless of age. The group noted how demand for one-stop shopping experiences saw a 50% increase annually.

The data noted that Chinese travellers to Thailand are the primary driving force behind the demand for travel to Thailand.

Chinese also account for about one-third of Expedia Group’s international package bookings, and is also the fastest growing market for the travel group, with demand growing by a whopping 200% annually.

India, meanwhile, is moving in the same direction, with package demand going up by 160% annually. Other notable markets which saw triple-digit growth in travel demand included Ireland, South Korea, and Indonesia, at 130%, 120%, and 100%.