Thailand Targets 1 Million American Arrivals: Bangkok Hotel Near Embassy Readies

There are many reasons why continuous work of attracting international tourists is essential to the longevity of a country’s tourism industry. Among those important reasons which is usually overlooked by most governments is that when you have a relatively high number of international tourists who are flocking to your country’s most beautiful tourist destinations, you are enabling the local industries in the areas to grow as well. You are generally sharing the revenues to the locals whom will use the said earned money to feed their respective families and buy what they need to be able to live a viably decent life. You see, when the tourism industry in a province or a town is active, you are also given employment opportunity to the locals because let’s face it, who will man the resorts? Who will be tour guides who will guide tourists to the best places in a city? Answer:  it’s none other than the locals themselves. Nowadays, the tourism industry in the Kingdom of Thailand has been busy, breaking records here and there. In fact, verified figures have shown that at least, 18 million international tourists have already visited Thailand during the first half of 2017 and we still have 6 more months to spare. That’s a 5% increase to the number which the country had back in 2016 during the same period. One of the main reasons that can be attributed to this success is that the service providers, such as a Bangkok hotel near Embassy, are doing a wonderful job in keeping vacationists satisfied during their stay in the city.

For the whole of 2017, the Tourism Authority of Thailand has already indicated that the agency hopes to welcome a million American tourists to Thailand. The announcement was recently made after TAT signed a deal with Eva Air which can help promote long-haul tourism between Asia, specifically Thailand and, the United States. In fact, the airline is flying on 92 flights a week from the US to Taiwan and vice versa and that can give easy connectivity to visitors who wish visit Thailand. In 2016, TAT recorded 900,000 American tourists who arrived in Thailand and some had stayed at a Bangkok hotel near Embassy.