The Business Of Fencing

The business of fencing is undeniably on the rise. Residential fencing takes up the largest niche in the fencing market. In the next few years, the residential construction will increase the demand for fencing according to market analysts. The residential market for fencing is expected to account for approximately two-thirds of the $1.5 billion fencing demand in the next few years. Most of the surge in the market will come from the new housing sector. The demand will also be supported by the increases in improvement and replacement in homes.

Non-residential fencing

Market analysts are positive that the fencing demand in the non-residential sector will continuously advance by about 1.1 percent per year. This will include fencing constructions in commercial establishments as well as in agricultural areas. Commercial construction, transportation construction and rebounding office construction spending is also bound to spur the growth in the industry as well as the ever increasing institutional construction spending.

Fencing growth by products

There are different categories of materials used when fencing. Among the items used in constructing fences, the expected material with the most rapid growth until 2014 will come from the composite and plastic fencing material niche. Concrete will also see a rise in the demand gains through the coming years.

Metal fencing

Approximately six years ago, metal fencing accounted for the largest share in the fencing market in terms of unit and value. In the coming years, the demand for this type of fencing is expected to increase by about 2 percent annually. Growth will be spurred by the continued interest of people in metal fencing as well as in mark boundaries that are needed by security-oriented projects. However, since metal has already been seen to dominate the nonresidential market, it is expected that the growth in this sector will only be below the average. The increase in the market share of metal fences is only forecasted to be at only one percent annually. This is due mainly to the declining prices of metal products.

If you are currently making a fencing Barnsley project and are still unsure what material to use, you can seek the opinion of experts on the matter.