The Growing Demand For Independent Automotive Repairers

Many people believe that they have to go to the dealership for servicing to maintain its warranty. An option is provided to car owners through log book servicing on the Gold Coast that will service the car according to the manufacturer’s specifications. According to Australian Laws, car owners can have their cars serviced by a mechanic of their choice provided the mechanic is qualified for the task.

According to the first research study that was conducted by Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA), 44% of the independent automotive workshops reported a year-on-year increase in business.48% expects business growth over the coming months while 34% are maintaining their business size because of a solid customer base that returns consistently every year. The study also revealed that 87% of consumers prefer to have their cars serviced and repaired by independent mechanics.

Significant gains have also been achieved by automotive repair businesses particularly those that have invested in technology and local marketing. The strongest performers were independent shops that were able to attract motorists that own cars that are five years old or less and company fleet based repairs and services.

People are now aware that their warranties will not be voided if they choose an independent repair shop to service the vehicle. The research reveals that the convenience and trust towards independent repair shops is growing. Increased demand is also very apparent for logbook servicing of European cars, diesel vehicles and 4-wheel drives.

However, the automotive repair industry is facing several challenges from the attraction and retention of skilled technicians to the lack of long-term access to technical repairs and service information. In order to overcome the challenges, the industry has invested significantly in technology and upgrading of technician’s skills so that they can service new models and makes of vehicles. Local marketing has also increased the demand from new customers with younger vehicles.

In order to ensure customer satisfaction, log book servicing on the Gold Coast ensures that only approved or superior parts are used for vehicles. Fully trained and skilled technicians will stamp the log book to ensure that the vehicle’s factory warranty is safe.