The Hamptons An Inspiration For New Furniture Collection

You might have to call your furniture removals in Sydney after reading this article because a new minimalist furniture collection was recently released by Amee Allsop. She is an Australian who into design and architecture. The collection she launched shy of a month ago was created using bleached American ash combined with travertine.

The collection is entitled Pure Minimalist with simple designs of tables as well as chairs. The forms are simply flat planes using American ash while there is an angular bookshelf presented cut out from travertine.

Allsop said that the main reason for her collection is her love of home and also living with art within her. She finds architecture to be present in all areas of the world.

According to her, at the end of the 1950s there was a minimalist art movement that became an inspiration for her while designing the clean lines of the furniture and using pale colours along with natural material for the palette. It is also reminiscent of the beach landscape she used to witness while living in the Hamptons in Long Island, New York.

For the last 12 years, Allsop was able to work in both cities of New York and Sydney as an architect. Despite the decade long career, this is the very first time that she is launching her furniture collection, Pure Minimalist.

Allsop used to live in Brooklyn prior to moving in the Hamptons. She admitted that this may be the reason why the beach landscape is very transparent in her collection’s designs. She has been through a number of architecture projects with the length of her career but it was not until she moved closer to the sea that she was able to come up with her first collection.

She added that she wanted the furniture to stand out because of the material used as well as the simple proportions incorporated. She wanted homeowners to feel like calling furniture removals in Sydney as soon as they saw the collection because despite not being an eye-catcher, it cannot be denied that its presence reverberate around the room where these are displayed.