The Need For A Pressbrake

There are press brakes that have been used for the longest time like the Boeing B-52 which has been used with the US Air Force since 1955. The frame is so sturdy and solid, that, when it is upgraded to computer systems and avionics, can still be useful even until the 2050s. This is incredibly astonishing.

Outdated press brake

There is also a control pressbrake upgrade that ensures the press brake will stay current with the latest technology. Your press brake might need a control upgrade if there are plenty of out-dated circuit boards and a keyboard that is based on an outmoded teletype design. If you are still doing the usual thing of browsing on the screen to find the correct entry to change, this means you probably bought the press brake in 1985 and the years after it until 2005. If the outdated operating system will not work, the press brake will not be working for some time and no shop can let this happen because it will affect its service and most of all its revenue.

New Strategy

The parts of the outdated controls are probably outmoded already and out of circulation. The practical way to do on this situation is to make an electrical design with the latest technology that still gives similar functions with the original press brake but for sure, it works a lot better already with the upgrade. This modern control system can be mounted on the press brake at a reasonable price. This is a lot cheaper than replacing an old press brake. This will, in turn, be cost-effective and enhance the productivity of the press brake. With this modern pressbrake upgrade, you will get:

  • High storage capacity
  • Fast entry of data using a touchscreen
  • Capability of networking
  • Tool library
  • Page for job setup
  • Capability of part drawing
  • Automatic calculation
  • Offline software for bend simulation

The great advantage for this upgrade is the ethernet port used to connect to the network. With this, other machines can benefit from the programs that are shared.

Whichever alternative you choose on your old press brake, it is always essential to do some research about it to make the right decision.