The Newest Bathroom Trends That Are Rocking The Look

New materials and improved technology are bringing changes into how the bathrooms of today are designed, with more options available for both consumers and designers.

With customers able to avail of a wide range of products from companies, from black tapware to Stone Basins on their website, a number of trends have popped up in recent times, which account for a wide range of styles, but retaining a contemporary edge. Like with kitchen design, it seems that some of the best designs are coming from Europe.

Firstly, materials are changing; wherein stone, and stone-like aesthetics, with porcelain and quartz now being part of sinks and basins, especially in integrated models. Bathrooms now feature all-in-one looks with quartz, concrete and other, solid-surface materials, giving them a contemporary kitchen-like look that’s seamless and crisp.

Manufacturers are now featuring Stone Basins on their website, with some, like Italy’s Antoniolupi setting the trend with designs like the Controverso, a marble sink featuring a ribbed look, with a linear pedestal and a front that is rounded and irregular with uneven with a torn look, used to break up the very linear aesthetic of the back end of the sink.

In design, curves are used to break up linear spaces. In bathrooms, vessels are used to disrupt the plane of a counter. Though some of the newer sink designs don’t sit on the traditional counter, but on their own pedestals.

The curviest looks in bathroom design however, are from bathtubs. Bathtubs range from the utilitarian architectural look to the aesthetical sculpture look, though most do share the freestanding aspect. Bathtubs are usually the centerpiece for bathrooms, assuming the bathroom has the necessary space for it. In rooms with little space to work with, the front shape of tubs have been toyed with, giving tubs a compressed or tucked in look.

Vanities on the other hand, have been lightening up, with washbasins with legs becoming popular. Vanities’ design trends shows a consideration for smaller space, with tighter, lighter designs for smaller bathroom spaces, featuring storage spaces and other practical considerations cleverly integrated into the design, sacrificing minimal utility for maximum space-saving.

Metals are now being mixed, unlike the older days, wherein mixing black metals with gold was seen as somewhat unthinkable.

The well-designed bathroom of today is unique, with personality, featuring all the technology available in storage, lighting and bathing.