The Real Impact Of Prison Salons

Outside, in the world of the free, there are Bondi junction hairdressers that make a difference to their clients’ lives while in prison salons are also impacting the inmates in a good way. This is a familiar setting at the Valley State Prison which is a facility with medium security situated in California. Inside the facility is a prison salon equipped with tools and materials that help in students who are wishing to learn various skills from hair dying to giving manicures.

In a study conducted at the beginning of the previous year, over 100 prisons (both state and federal) located all over the United States were found to offer inmates with different educational programs. The program in Valley State started in 1996 when it was still a facility for women prisoners. After sixteen years, the prison now holds male inmates and the salon classroom is still there. It can accommodate up to 30 students. Eventually, it has become a prison salon that teaches beauty to men inmates which might be the only kind in all of the United States.

Carmen Shehorn, the instructor, explained that inside the prison the inmates are not allowed make physical contact. Through the salon lessons, the men are able to handle their fellows in a gentle manner but they do not think that the gesture is awkward. They also learned how to give compliments within limits.

Shehorn said that their salon offers almost all training of services that are typically found when visiting a regular salon. They teaches hair coloring, waxing, make up and even facials. The student inmates practice with mannequins before they can service to clients who are mostly inmates and staff inside the prison facility. The mannequins along with the tools have to be signed out before they can use them.

The student must go to class, practice, apply what they learned for a minimum of 1,600 hours before they can undergo an exam conducted by the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. Once they pass the exam, they can go out of prison with their license so they can work in salons. This is a good opportunity for them to start anew and the Bondi junction hairdressers are glad to hear that they are willing to get a new start in life.