The Right Approach To Negative Reviews

Reviews are highly considered by digital marketers because they affect a brand’s reputation and trustworthiness. For example, search engines consider King Kong agency reviews to decide how to rank the digital agency in local search results. At least 89% of the population consider search engine results before making a purchase decision.

Visibility is very important to businesses. At least 97% of consumers use online media in researching and comparing products and services within their local area. Nearly 93% of consumers reveal that online reviews affect their purchasing decisions.

Users of social media platforms automatically share whatever reviews and recommendations they write to their friends. It could significantly affect the business if a positive review is shared with friends. On the other hand, if a negative review is shared on social media, it can discourage consumers from considering your brand.

Since it is generally accepted that reviews are very important to business, how will a small company actually get those reviews? Customers will write comments on whether you like it or not. Some reviews may be positive while others may be unenthusiastic. Even the best products and services get their share of negative reviews because they can’t please everybody.

Comments on review sites cannot be controlled but by being proactive in addressing them, the impact of the negative review can be minimized. Another solution to negative reviews is to build a majority of positive ones.

Review sites have specific rules on the submission and publication of reviews. They have an obligation to protect consumers from dishonest, biased, and malicious reviews. Yelp does not allow companies to solicit reviews from their customers. Google has no objection to solicitation as long as there are no rewards or incentives. Guidelines are implemented to avoid the risks and consequences of posting fake reviews for yourself and others.

A person who needs assistance from a digital agency is very likely to read King Kong agency reviews online before making an informed decision. It is normal for people to seek recommendations from others who have experienced a service because they want to feel confident with any decision they make. The review may be a few sentences only but it can make a very big difference.