The Strong Influence Of Review Videos On Consumers

Review videos are a more personal way of promoting the brand. Users actually see and hear the customer sharing the positive experience. Videos are significantly more compelling than text that a user has to read and understand. The review video becomes more relatable when users can engage with a customer that is similar to them. 

However, creating a review video can be challenging. First of all, it is easy to ask a customer to leave a review but is the customer willing to create a video testimonial? Can you hire someone who can film the testimonial? Are there resources in-house that can be used to produce videos?

Since you are the one putting in a request, you want to make it as easy as possible for the customer to say some favourable things about the product or service. You have to ensure the quality of the video so that users will be encouraged to watch it. The review must build trust, alleviate doubts and be convincing enough that the product or service will solve their problems.

It is also important to have a budget because a review video can be a large commitment. Meanwhile, a more cost-effective way is to simply ask the customer to record the review on their smartphone and send it your way.

A digital marketing agency believes that king kong agency reviews help immensely in their potential client’s decision-making process. Video reviews can influence the way that a prospective customer will trust the service. They can help convert interested users into customers.