The Trends To Watch For In Digital Marketing In 2021

Digital marketing is an industry known for constant changes, but even 2020 has been rough for it. There’s been drastic business to how people interact with the world and how businesses operate, and digital marketing is definitely not an exception.

Here are a few trends gaining traction in 2021.

Responsibility vs. censorship

Thanks to a certain political figure in the US getting a permaban from Twitter, the old discussion between responsible free speech and internet censorship has been brought back into the spotlight, with brands being forced to pick a side.

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have made changes for a more direct role in monitoring their content, cancelling things if they deem fit. Marketers now have to play the rules if they want social engagement.

COVID-friendly campaigns

The silver lining for COVID-19 is how people are now spending more time online than ever, a boon for digital shops and marketers.

The traditional view that making the change to technology is too big a hurdle to jump was thrown to the wayside out of necessity, and campaigns have shifted into more personal affairs, and businesses know how to lean on their USPs more than ever.

Virtual events

Virtual events look to stick around past the point of necessity, as they’re better for ROI than the older methods. Brands deal with less overhead costs while gaining a bigger potential audience, all without having to deal with VISA or travel restrictions.

The challenge, of course, is creating engaging and creative virtual events, as king kong advertising reviews now look at things like streams and online meetings.