Tighter Rules In Electrical Products Demanded By Fire Brigade In London

In a warning sent by the fire brigade in London, homeowners in the United Kingdom are expected to be more prone in injury and unfortunate death due to dangerous domestic products including tumble dryers. This fear will continue if the government does nothing to tighten the current safety standards. It is also important to buy EMT connector for sale that has passed the highest testing standard to avoid electrical troubles.

A tower block located in Shepherds Bush in the western part of London was engulfed by fire a year ago because of a faulty tumble dryer manufactured by Indesit. Several homes were lost because of the blaze. One year after the incident, the government still does not impose changes in the safety recommendations that were sent by the brigade after the incident. During the fire, 20 engines came to the rescue along with 110 firefighters.

The London Fire Brigade is currently asking for the single register supported by the government wherein all UK products which are recalled can easily be viewed by consumers over the internet. They also proposed that secondhand appliances should undergo a tighter regulation.

A campaign was already created by the mayor of London together with the brigade and supporters. They have sent the letter to Theresa May in the hopes that she will do something to prevent accidental fires in the future.

The fire that happened in Shepherds Blaze took no life but over 100 families were forced to evacuate. Out of this number, 26 families took shelter in hotels because of the damaged that have been caused by the fire.

According to the fire brigade, at least one fire is caused by white goods in London and the most recent blaze in Grenfell Tower was originally due to a fridge-freezer made by Hotpoint. White goods have caused nine death and 298 injuries from 2010 until 2016.

The LFB is currently doing a campaign called Total Recalls that aim to urge the government to regulate white goods better and make sure EMT connector for sale are safe to be used in electrical systems.