Tips To Plan A Vacation To Bangkok

Bangkok has a tropical monsoon climate. The weather is hot and humid through major part of the year. Tourists visit Bangkok during all seasons but the cool season from November to February is the peak tourist season. Bangkok, the city of angels is beautiful in every season and takes on a different hue with each changing season.

Tourists planning a trip to Bangkok should know about the weather conditions during their travel and take necessary precautions. They should pack light and breezy clothes that are comfortable for summers. And carry rain gear during rainy months. However, having an idea of the different seasons in Bangkok will help travellers to plan their itinerary. Tourists to Bangkok can enjoy their stay in the city irrespective of the season, if they stay at the luxurious hotel in Sukhumvit Soi 10 that has world class amenities.

Seasons in Bangkok

Winter season

These are the colder months in the city. The weather is pleasant and suitable to explore the different attractions in and around Bangkok. Tourists can explore the city during daytime and enjoy the nights at the happening rooftop bar of the hotel in Sukhumvit Soi 10 which provides stunning views of the Bangkok skyline.

Summer season

The summer season in Bangkok is from March to June. The weather during summers is hot and humid. Bangkok experiences summer storms occasionally. The Thai New Year is celebrated in April and visiting Bangkok during the New Year celebrations is a great experience. If you are planning to visit Bangkok during the summers, lounging in the pool of your hotel in Sukhumvit Soi 10, shopping in the world class malls in and around the Sukhumvit area and enjoying the river cruise are the most recommended activities.

Rainy Season

Rainy season in Bangkok is from Mid-May to October. The weather is humid. Rainy season in Bangkok is a mix of few days with torrential downpour combined with a few sunny days in-between. The rainy season is a low tourist season in Bangkok. Tourists can get value deals on flight and hotel bookings. Tourists visiting the city during the rainy season can stay at the luxurious hotel in Sukhumvit Soi 10 and enjoy the in-house amenities while it is raining. They can venture out on the sunny days and enjoy shopping in the world class malls and visit indoor attractions during the rains.