Tips To Select A Right Tutor For Your Children

Home tuition or private tuition has become popular coaching option for students. The home tutors customize the learning programs to suit the requirements of the child and help them to bridge their knowledge gaps. Students attending home tuitions are proven to be ahead, in different parameters like, class performances and grades.

Parents are confused when it comes to selecting the right tutor to guide their children. They are always on the lookout for professional tuition agency Singapore, which offers qualified and trained tutors in different academic and extra-curricular subjects.  Here are some handy guidelines to help you choose a professional tutor for your child.

  • The first step is to identify your requirements and goals. Discuss with your child and his/her school teacher and counsellor about the problem areas and weaknesses. Discuss about the learning style of the child and his strengths. This initial research will help you know about the child’s tutoring requirements and pick a suitable teacher from a tuition agency Singapore, who matches his style of learning.
  • Once you know the requirements, speak to the school principal or counsellor to get recommendations for professional tutors in your city. Speaking to friends, other parents and joining online parenting forums will also help you to get in touch with experienced tutors. Educational magazines, newspapers and advertising brochures are other sources to get information about tutors in your neighborhood.
  • Shortlist a few tutors, who match your requirement and conduct a background check. Know about their educational background, tutor training certifications and experience in tutoring children of different age groups. Request an initial interview with the selected tutor or tuition agency Singapore, and ask questions about their teaching methodology, evaluating student’s needs, fees and method of payment, and references of past students. Speak to the parents of past students to know about the effectiveness of the tutor in improving the knowledge and understanding of the student.
  • Select a tutor, whose teaching style matches with your child’s learning style. The tutor or the tuition agencySingapore, should be willing to customize the course plan according to the needs of the student. The tuition agency Singapore, should be willing to evaluate the student’s performance by conducting regular mock tests and provide feedback to the parents. They should have an open-communication channel with the parents and involve them in the development process of the child.