Top Tech Skills That Have High Demand In The Job Market

If you are one of those who are searching for a tech job, it is very likely that you have across King Kong reviews on Indeed. The digital agency King Kong is one of the companies that obtained a high 4.9 rating in work-life balance, work culture and job security & advancement. It also got 5 stars in management but only 4.8 stars in salary & benefits.

According to Andrew Flowers, an economist at Indeed there are 2 major trends in today’s job market that drive the demand for tech skills. The first trend is the rise of data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning. The second trend is the rise in cloud computing.

Tech skills in some languages like Java and C++ have been around for decades. Since Python programming language is a newcomer, it is one of the top skills that are highly in demand. Python had an explosive growth because of the rise in data science and machine learning. Flowers said that skills in Python are important because the language is used in data science and website development.

Aside from Python, it is important for tech candidates to have knowledge in SQL or structured query language that is used in finding and retrieving data that is held in a relational database management system.

Java is a leading programming language that is used in the creation of mobile and web apps, games and data-driven software. With the popularity of mobile apps and games, tech skills in the programming language have high demand particularly in digital agencies.

Linux is an open source operating system that is free for developers to use, download and modify to their own specifications. However, for building interactive web pages, tech talents must be proficient in JavaScript. JavaScript is one of the most powerful and popular programming languages that is used today.

If you are currently seeking for a tech job, it pays to read King Kong reviews that will provide you with an idea on what to expect from the company. The trend nowadays for job seekers is to research the particular company you are interested in before making an employment decision.