Tourists Warned Against Taking Selfies At Unseen “Phuket”

What can visitors expect from Novotel in Phuket aside from the beautiful view of Patong Beach and the Andaman Sea? Guests can relax at a 3-tier pool or enjoy a massage on the beach. There are balanced choices when it comes to breakfast and dinner. A few relaxing drinks can be enjoyed in a friendly and stylish setting. From the hotel, guests can explore the shopping malls and experience nightlife in nearby Patong.

However, authorities are warning tourists to stay out of Mai Khao beach that is adjacent to Phuket’s airport runway. The area is now being called “unseen Phuket” where beachgoers go to take selfies with landing planes unmindful of their safety over the close-up picture-taking. Tourists certainly desire unique selfies of their Thailand adventure to show their friends back home but it is risky.

According to WichitKaeothaithiam, deputy Phuket airport chief, people and tourists will no longer be allowed to take selfies in the area due to safety concerns. A new safe zone that is near the runway is being developed and will soon take effect.

At present, airplanes that are flying across the sea to the tropical island of Phuket generally land on runway 09 which is directly over Mai Khao beach. Many tourists go the beach hoping that they can take a photo of an aircraft flying over the beach as it lands. However, airport authorities must apply the strictest safety measures as required by The International Civil Aviation Organization.

Phuket airport certainly wants to boost its revenues through tourism but at the same time, it has to follow aviation regulations. Safety and tourism and must co-exist. Business travellers, leisure travellers, local Thais and tourists who are living within the 9-kilometer radius of airport are also warned against flying drones and shining flashlights at the planes. These acts can cause disturbance to pilots.

Different activities are offered by Novotel in Phuket to its guests from cooking classes to walking on the waters, bartending and fruit carving. Thai cooking classes are also available to guests who want to learn their favourite Thai cuisine. Fruit carving is an example of traditional art that can be used to decorate tables.