Trade Expo For The Architects And Engineers Of Phuket

Architects and engineers play an important role in real estate development in Phuket and resulted into world class accommodations such as An architect and engineering exhibition is held in Phuket every year and for 2017, it was held last week. The focus of this year’s expo is about the leading technology utilized in construction as well as the industries that impact interior decorations.

The trade expo is quite well known in the country and it is referred to as the one-stop shop for those who are in the industry of home building as well as hoteliers that are based in the south of Thailand. It was held at the Royal Phuket City Hotel between July 12 and 15. This year is the 17th edition of the event and they were able to feature over 100 products that have been developed by over 100 manufacturers as well as importers that were included on the show.

According to Thanet Triwut, the organizer of expo in Phuket, this year they were able to showcase different types of materials used for constructions including tiles for the roof and floors. They were also able to tackle the breakthrough technology in construction, the development in interior design and how to maintain buildings properly.

The displays included nano-technology applications which are specially designed for next-generation dwellings, the most recent construction sites that are prefabricated and the most high tech systems used for lighting and sound systems which is suitable for events such as conferences and conventions, venues such as nightclub and entertainment hot spots and the most recent products utilized by gymnasiums, swimming pools and spas.

Mr. Thanet was proud because major players in the industry as well as those who are on the process of building their homes were able to attend and learn how they can create a smart home suitable for their multi-million project. There were information provided such as CCTV, 4G Internet, IPTV and mobile phone. These are also suitable for high end accommodations and condominiums such as the After a short course on the basic of smart home, a seminar entitled Financial Technology and Property tech was held.