Trees Instinctively Know How To Survive A Drought

According to experts, trees in Alabama will survive through this year’s drought except for recently planted trees in your backyard that have not been watered regularly. Dan Chappell of Alabama Forestry Commission says that as long it rains during spring, everything will be okay. Trees have a way of surviving a drought situation particularly since the temperature has started to cool down and days have shortened. This means minimal water loss.

When there is a drought, the threat to the trees is a matter of timing, severity and other existing stressors like bugs. In Alabama, the timing of drought could have been worse but in as much as it came at the end of the growing season, it did not hurt the trees so much.

Drought has gripped much of Alabama this year but across the state you will see trees with their leaves on with little signs of stress. At the driest place in Alabama which is Bibb Country Glades near Montevallo, the trees are still looking fine. The drought is not enough to kill trees but it could make them weak and more vulnerable to insects and pathogens. One example is pine trees that are at risk from bark beetles if they do not get enough water to produce feely running sap that will fill beetle homes.

Ironically, forest animals are happy during a drought because trees dramatically improve the production of seeds, nuts and acorns. Perhaps, the tree also feels that its life is threatened and it may not get the chance to produce so many seeds.

In Alabama, trees are a large cash crop. Drought could affect timber prices due to scarcity. However, during wet times, good timber on dry tracts can command premium prices. If landowners hurry to liquidate quickly to take advantage of the opportunity, the market will be flooded and prices will go down.

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