Vespa Lifestyle Collection Released

For motorcycle enthusiasts, buying the latest Vespa for sale might be the best thing for them. The second best thing would be to purchase the latest products from the recently released Vespa lifestyle collection. The Vespa brand is not just limited to scooters. The brand is known internationally as an urban culture that offers more than their two-wheeler mode of transport. They now have a collection line of apparel as well as accessories that will match their world-class quality scooter. If you want to travel in style with you Vespa, then you are up for good news because the company just released their latest collection in Italy which is the Vespa Lifestyle 2017.

The collection got its inspiration from the classic shapes of Vespa – a camouflage that covers the fact that they have the newest technology up their sleeve. The new apparel along with collection of accessories is manufactured using high-tech materials. Advanced solutions were employed to make sure that one will not only look trendy but their gear will be functional as well.

All the products included in the new line are created with the Vespa riders in mind. The apparels are designed to be used in the open air as well as at a fast speed. It can also be used casually as an everyday item even when not riding the Vespa scooter.

The centerpiece of the Vespa Lifestyle 2017 collection is the bomber raincoat. This is manufactured for both genders. The item is meant to be used in conditions where there are not enough light sources. It also offers protection from natural elements with the help of the hoodie made from neoprene material and the lining which is windproof.

The bomber raincoat can be worn together with the sleeveless windstopper as they complement each other. It comes with a removable cover and a rubberized zipper that is waterproof to repel any water. There are also everyday garments available which is perfect for the new Vespa for sale. Add it to your collection because it come with reflective patches that will help you be more visible while on the road.