Ways Of Recycling Different Types Of Wastes

Recycling is an important aspect of waste management. It is the third component of the Principle “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.” Recycling waste is an eco-friendly manner of dealing with the huge amount of waste we generate. Recycling helps to reduce the stress of resources, decreases the consumption of fuel and electricity and creates new jobs.

Recycling is a good habit that has to be inculcated by regular practice. Recycling can be done in different ways.

  • The local municipalities arrange door-to-door collection of recyclable waste or appoint collection centers at different localities to collect waste.
  • Private junk removal Orange County and waste management companies remove waste and transport it to their processing facilities,
  • Some types of waste can be recycled at home.

Most of the items, we throw away can be recycled. Let us understand about recycling different types of products.

  1. Kitchen waste

Kitchen and garden waste can be used to make compost for your plants. Compost is a rich material that contains all the nutrients to enable plant growth. Compost is made by biodegradation of organic materials by worms and bacteria. Compost can be made at home, if you have a garden or at a central facility provided by municipal authorities.

  • Paper

We produce and use lot of paper. Paper is produced from plant fibres and involves cutting down of trees. Paper can be recycled but the problem is the equality of paper. Paper is available in a variety of qualities and they have to be recycled separately. High quality paper can be recycled to create high quality products, whereas low quality paper like kitchen towels, newspapers, mail and cardboard can be used to create low quality paper such as newsprint and paper bags.

  • Metals

Most of the metals in garbage come from canned food items, drink cans and aerosol sprays. Metal can be recycled easily. Recycling metal is cheaper when compared to mining it. Food products are packed in steel containers, these containers can be recycled to manufacture new ones. In the same way, drink cans are made of thin aluminium, which can be recycled to produce new ones.

  • Wood

Wood is a sustainable material and can be reused effectively. Waste wood can be recycled into wooden flooring, garden decking, laminates etc. Wood can also be composted or can be used as fuel.

Other materials such as glass, oil, plastics, E-Waste etc. can be recycled to create new products and reduce stress on landfills and natural resources. It is necessary to hire a junk removal Orange County company or other waste management company that believes in recycling waste.