Wesleyan Launches Campus Map With User-Friendly Interface

Most especially when you are an incoming freshmen student and you have transferred to a school where you haven’t been before, it is undeniable that it could really get difficult and hassle from time to time. You have no idea how to get from one building to the other. How to get to the nearest restrooms. Or you’re completely oblivious about where to find certain people in order to have their signatures affixed on your forms. In these kinds of situations, owning your own college map illustration would surely come handy.

Therefore, in order to help students navigate the vicinity of the school more efficiently and more easily, the Wesleyan University has launched their new interactive campus map. This launching of the project was spearheaded by the Office of University Communications. In order to avoid complexity and confusions, the Office of University Communications has made it sure that the new map would be as user-friendly as possible. To ensure this convenience, the user interface has been integrated with Google maps. Furthermore, according to the Communications Office, the said map longs to aid prospective students and visitors to have a general overview of the campus and in navigating the whole university.

Search for Keywords

In fact, all you have to do is to input a keyword on the search bar and tap the search button in order to look for locations. In addition, the said system also features a menu which is subdivided into different categories such as residential options, administration, arts and event venues, academics, campus life, and athletics among others. Furthermore, in order to give users the optimum experience, it also includes EV stations, parking sites, and dining locations among others.

Optimized for Mobiles and Online

According to Melissa Datre, the director of creative and services for University Communications, the said interactive map was primarily focused for an optimized mobile and online viewing.

Just like some other college map illustration, the map could take you through different locations although you are off-campus. This could also serve as a great tool for alumni when they’re revisiting the university for a tour and the likes.