What Patrick Mahony Suggests For Your Mental Health

Psychoanalyst Patrick Mahony suggests these tips to have good mental health and the right balance in your life:

  • Value Yourself: You avoid self-disapproval when you treat yourself with respect and kindness. Find time to enjoy your hobbies and favorite projects, so you widen your horizons. You may want to do gardening, take up dance lessons, learn to play some instrument or learn to be fluent with another language.


  • Handle Your Body Well: If you love yourself, you will take good care of it to improve your mental health. Start by eating right, drinking plenty of water, exercise and get enough sleep.


  • Be with People You Enjoy and Love: People surrounded by family and social connections are healthier than those who lack support. Do activities that involve your supportive family members and friends, so you meet more people. Psychoanalyst Patrick Mahony can suggest some activities that can draw you closer to your loved ones.


  • Give Yourself: Volunteer yourself to help others who need emotional help. You’ll be happier if you know you have helped other people. It’s also a great way to meet new friends.


  • Learn How to Deal with Stress: Stress has always been a part of life whether you like it or not. You need to learn how to cope with stress, so your mental health won’t suffer. You can do things together with those you love as it minimizes stress. Also keep some humor and remember to smile. Laughter is a good medicine for your immune system, ease out the pain, relax your body and minimize stress.


  • Set Realistic Goals: Be determined as to what you want to become in life. Hope to achieve personally, professionally and academically. Materialize your goals by following what you have in mind.


  • Avoid Substance Abuse: If you have to socialize with alcohol, keep it to a minimum. You must also avoid prohibited drugs. Sometimes people use these substances to self-medicate, but in reality, they can worsen the problem. If you’re hooked with this problem, ensure you talk with Patrick Mahony and be subjected to some psychoanalysis.