When Do You Need Chartered Accountant Insurance?

For business owners, every single dollar counts. So, it’s important to know where you stand monthly to be able to last all throughout the year. And while you’re using a DIY accounting software to monitor your costs, you’ll find hiring a proficient accountant more helpful. Possibly, they can be your lifetime financial partner and help you with business. You truly need someone who knows how to handle your finances. But before they start working for you, they may need a chartered accountant insurance should a mistake be anticipated and will hold him liable towards law.

Before your business hires someone, ensure you understand the four basic areas of expertise in the general accounting practice:

  • Business Advisory Services: As the accountant must know every detail of your business environment, your financial statements and tax situation, you need them to pull all the pieces together and assist you in making a personal financial plan and business plan. The accountant can recommend everything you need from insurance to business expansions. The accountant can provide you a new level of insight that can help you with your perspective.


  • Accounting and recordkeeping: These are perhaps the most basic for accounting disciplines. Every business needs to manage their daily records to know how far their business is going. An accountant can help do the accounting and bookkeeping systems and show you how you can apply them. If the system is good, then profitability can be evaluated, and the prices are modified. The system will also help monitor expenses, track a budget, spot trends and minimise accounting fees required to produce tax returns and financial statements. For protection, the accountant may need chartered accountant insurance for protection.


  • Tax Advice: Accountants who assist in tax related concerns can do tax planning and tax compliance. With planning, you minimise the overall tax burden; while compliance is obeying the tax laws.


  • Auditing: This will ensure that the financial information of a company is accurate. The service is required by most banks when companies apply for a loan. The company is audited by the accountant where they prepare financial statements and actual audit reports.

Choosing an Accountant

To really find a good accountant, you may need him to be referred by people you trust. You can verify their name from the Society of Certified Public Accountants in your state, where referrals can be made.