Where To Go This Coming Winter

The travel industry is not a stranger when it comes to new trends and this year there is a rise in transformative travel. This is not only applicable to the luxury travel sector but it is also expected to have a major change in the superyacht charter industry. According to Annemarie Gathercole, a charter director, clients are now searching for new winter destinations such as hiring a private yacht charter in Phuket instead of the usual visit to the Caribbean.

The Caribbean is currently undergoing some challenges brought about by natural disasters such as hurricanes Jose, Maria and Irma. This is one of the reasons why clients are looking for exciting new places to try. The charter industry is expecting a rise in demand from these places this coming winter.

  • Yachts have changed their positions after the hurricanes that affected the Caribbean and some are seeking refuge in the Bahamas. The weather might not be as good during winter season but it is still preferred than enduring the cold.
  • The Grenadines. The popularity of Grenadines along with Windward Islands is expected to remain steady for this coming winter. This is a result of the exposure the areas have received in the previous season owing to the fact that these were not affected by the disastrous hurricanes that visit the Caribbean. Therefore, many of the yachts decided to anchor there which turned the region into an interesting destination.
  • Central America. This is most suitable for clients from the United States because of the proximity. According to charter brokers in the area, some of their clients are inquiring about going to the Sea of Cortez and Costa Rica because of the beautiful diving spots and the various adventures available.
  • Southeast Asia. While many are heading to the right side of the world once the Mediterranean season is over, there are those that are getting more interested with what the east side of the world has to offer. Charter brokers said that it is common to see private yacht charter in Phuket, Indonesia and other places in the Southeast Asia region.