Why You Should Choose Amber Tiles for Your Tile Needs

In a domestic home, the most popular room to find tiles is the bathroom. They provide water-resistant and hygienic solutions as compared to paints, carpets and wallpapers. Furthermore, the bathroom can have a potential value with tiles, especially when finished with unique materials. The bathroom can accommodate all types of tiles, including porcelain, ceramic, slate or travertine. Choose tiles from Amber Tiles, while considering the following tips for the best tiles on your bathroom.


Bathrooms must be well maintained for good hygiene. You can start by choosing the right tiles that can be easy to maintain. If you want a fresh appearance, choose tiles that are water resistant like those found on the shower areas. You also need to waterproof the tile, so the walls behind the tiling can’t be damaged. Furthermore, if you choose natural stone tiles, ensure you have it sealed and use maintenance products to prevent staining and damage.

How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Larger

If you choose light coloured bathroom tiles, you will surely make the small bathroom look bigger. They provide more light, making the bathroom look spacious and airy. If you need to use the same colour on your wall tiles, you make the bathroom look more spacious. For an enhanced effect, use a similar coloured grout for the tiles. You can purchase all these items from Amber Tiles, where you get a variety of options.

Will the Tiles Make the Floor Cold?

Tiles can provide you the needed warmth, however, it will have to depend on the surface beneath the tiles. For instance, if you had to add tiles on concrete areas, the flooring will seem colder than you think. If you like warmth on the floor, try under-tile heating which will need no radiators. The running cost is low and it’s the most efficient way to heat a room.

How Many Tiles Are Needed in the Bathroom?

If you want to know how much tiles you need for your bathroom, consult Amber Tiles as they have the information for this need. You can check out their website and see the various styles, designs, sizes and colours of tiles that will fit your needs. Just ensure you ask their customer service for help, so you know what you want and how much it can cost.