Will Segway Activities Be Able To Rejuvenate The Market Of Team Building Activities In Sydney?

Generally team building activities are considered boring ordeals that the company’s employees will have to sit through. They generally contain boring talks or lectures from the higher orders of the management with unenthusiastic presentations that fails to inspire anyone. What’s more, the essence of team building is lost as the employees fail to converse and network with one another. But there are certain activities that can be used to enhance teamwork in the office workspace. The most obvious of these is outdoor activities. This can range from a simple Frisbee game in the office lawn to much longer office-sponsored treks or outings. While most of the presentations and lectures might leave employees with a long face, outdoor activities usually engage the majority of the employees and put a smile on their faces at the same time.

Brandon Luse, the team-building expert of PRWeb argues that no one is usually found sad after riding a Segway, and so it can become part of a repertoire of new Sydney team building activities to hit the city. Most people will be so smitten by the Segway rides that they might even forget that their trips were actually authorised by their bosses, individuals with whom people generally have constant love-hate relationships.

There are many Sydney team building activities that one can do with Segways. They can choose for leisurely tours on the Segways, or they can opt for a fast-paced scavenger hunt, or if they’re really feeling up for it, they can have their own version of Segway Olympics. The tours should be placed along familiar routes which are generally not very crowded, so that there is a very low chance of collision with random passer-bys. The scavenger hunts can be organized in parts of the city that are less known, so that the employees can work together on the scavenger hunt while also learning about the city they live in. Finally the Segway Olympics can include some of the classics such as the 100m and 200m dash, but they can also include some Segway-specific events such as a Segway freestyle where people can be graded for the tricks they can perform on the Segway.