Winter Forecast For South America

Tourists planning to join South America Tours during the winter season should be aware of the weather condition at specific countries they are visiting. They will be able to prepare and bring necessary clothes and other things they might need depending on the weather condition.

For the country of Argentina, it is expected that it will rain more frequently because of the storm systems that is moving regularly. More storms should be expected by those in central Argentine while Buenos Aires will be receiving an above normal amount of rainfall. Because of the storm systems, snow might come early in the Andes which mean locals and tourists can ski sooner than the last season. The beginning and middle of the winter season will give the most rain along with mountain snow. This will happen prior to the weather getting drier and warmer. The active period will also be blowing cold air to various places such as eastern Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina. While these cold shots will not last for long, majority of the place will be warmer than usual.

For the past number of years, drought has been a problem in both Venezuela and Colombia. This winter will not be bringing any drastic change to the current state of the countries. Experts said that drought will continue to prevail in places such as Colombia, Venezuela and French Guiana. Northeastern part of Brazil will be experiencing some rain for this season thus the status of drought will improve. This is not the case in the entire country of Brazil because the farther south will still be experiencing drought including Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo.

For the case of Chile and Peru, there will be a number of storms expected to hit the countries. Tourists planning to join South America Tours should be aware that these will bring mountain snow along with rain. The warm water on the coast together with the signs of El Nino will be triggering storms as it travels to Chile. The wettest parts of Chile will be on the central region including Santiago. This will be good news for the country because they have been plagued with wildfires that worst they have ever seen the previous summer season.